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I decided to come to United States for better education as soon as I completed high school. I have always seen the United States as the land of opportunities for dreamers and persistent visionaries. With this on mind, I made a journey to fulfill my dreams, to accomplish an inspirational triumph and to work on colossal challenges the world is facing via rapid development in both science and technology. As we all know, life is not always balanced and it can be unfair at times which can lower our morale, self-esteem, and drag us to failure. However, as I look back at my past and connect the dots of all my endeavors to overcome the challenges of my unfair situation, I credit inspirations that I learn from the philosophers of Enlightenment Era that is to believe in self. Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics have captivated my interest during my undergraduate studies and with regard to that I would like to pursue graduate studies specializing in practical applications of fluid mechanics and heat transfer in space system in a dedicated manner. I am determined to continue my professional career in the research and development of new techniques and innovations in aerospace industry. My career goal is to focus my study in the area of Aerodynamics and Space Propulsion in computational domain. Solidworks and proE are the first 3d CAD software I was introduced to, however I found Solidworks very easy to learn and was mostly used for all my FEM and CFD projects both in Solidworks simulation and ANSYS. I have been using solidworks for past 3 years.


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BS in Mechanical Engineering



Workstation specs: windows 7 Intel i3 Processor Intel HD graphics 4 GB RAM
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