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Pranav Panchal

The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds


As a child, I was hooked to Tom And Jerry Series. I was always fascinated by the Rube Goldberg type contraptions created by Tom to catch Jerry. I loved how a small movement in one part of the mechanism caused a chain of movements. Though Tom wasn’t successful in catching Jerry, he surely was successful in attracting me towards Engineering. Machines always intrigued me. I always wondered how a few components put together in a certain way would create such elaborate and beautiful machines. This led me to pursue Mechanical Engineering.


work experience

Godrej Interio Design Engineer August 2013 -

I am currently working as a Design Engineer in the engineering change note(ECN) team for Open Plan Office Systems(OPOS) in B2B segment for Godrej Interio. I am responsible for making changes in the current designs as per customer complaints/requests, service feedback, process and manufacturing feedback etc. which eventually help in better customer satisfaction and streamline the process of manufacturing and service.



K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical 2009 - 2013



Workstation specs: Very humble configuration: 2.93 GHz Intel Core2Duo Processor Gigabyte Motherboard G41M-ES2L 4GB RAM 320GB Hard Drive Acer G195HQL 18.5" monitor
Honors and awards:

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