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I am working in design field since 2012, I completed my AutoCAD from Authorized training Center in year 2012 and completed my Creo 2.0 from PTC in year 2013 from PTC certified an Authorized Training Center. Did SolidWorks and CATIA at CITD, Hyderabad-An ISO Certified Institute in year 2014.


work experience

CAD Academy Design Engineer April 2014 - April 2015

Created and refined CAD drawings on AutoCAD and Creo 2.0 (formerly known as PRO-E). Drafted industrial models on AutoCAD. Designed Industrial parts and models as per client's requirements. Performed stress tests on Ansys 14.0 as per customer's requirements. Played key role in designing Solar Tri Cycle that resulted in Design Patent number 271237.



Shri Shankaracharya Engineering College Bachelor of Engineering , Mechanical Engineering 2011 - 2015

1) Solar Tri Cycles for Disables Technology Required: Creo2.0, Solar Panel, AC-DC Convertor Kit, Springs. Description: Build with Cast Iron Chassis, Electric motor drive, gets running power from Solar Energy stored in a Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery. The Technical Enhancement is its Leg Control Handling System. 2) Heat Transfer Analysis in ‘U’ Bend Technology Required: Creo2.0, ANSYS Description: The analysis of Heat Transfer produced in a ‘U’ bend pipe due to mixture of some solid impurities in the flowing liquid.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: Design Patent No. 271237 for Solar Tri Cycle.
Interests: • CAD/CAM Design • Automobile • Quality Control • Industrial Management

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