3d modelling mouse

is there a mouse specifically used for modelling

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4 Answers

I have a 3dconnexion 3D mouse, and a Logitech MX Pro..

I find the 3Dconnection mouse the best thing for client meetings, to wow them ;) I got mine used for $60 on ebay.. The older pro one with the screen.. It is great, really, but I dont use it much.. I can see where for certain workflows, it would be very good.

I like the logitech performance MX mouse.. It is wireless, rechargable, and the 'fast scroll' mouse wheel feature is TOTALLY addicting.. It is simply great for many tasks... I do recommend it - but it is expensive!

Another topic for you might be KEyboards.. i got frustrated with crappy keyboards and eventually got a expensive LED lighted mechanical keyboard which i now REALLY like. it is a bit loud, but I write a lot of code and a lot of textual content - and i will not be going back to a cheap keyboard!

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