Accurate FEA software ?

Which is the most accurate FEA software ?

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FEA is as accurate as the data that you put into the system.

What software do you currently have available?

What exactly are you trying to study?

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Currently I use ALGOR for FEA analisys.
The question is if I use the same 3D model and the same parameters (Load conditions, Material, etc.) will be the results the same with Algor, Abaqus, ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS, COSMOS, HYPER MESH, NASTRAN, CFX, DYNA, etc ?
Which one is the most accurate ?

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Your question is a little broad. It depends on your area of application. If it is static analysis, I think most of the packages should give similar results. Look at verification studies for the package in question.
Given the same constraint setup, mesh-type; I too wonder which is more 'accurate'... that bears closer resemblance to experimental results or theoritical results...

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If you wants to know about accuracy and everything no one is telling you in FEA Analysis, you can check out this blog post:

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