Adaptive Spline problem in Inventor 2016 Dynamic Simulation

I renew my question. I try to be as specific as possible. Problem is with IV2016 Dynamic simulation. I have 8 bullets and the first on is about to drive. Rest bullets follow with rotational joint. There is 3D contact joint between barrels and bullets.

I want to make new part. A spline that follows the edges of bullets. When I do that Spline work points lock the system and bullets do not travel normally. Pictures solve What I want to happen.

My project included.

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I'm not sure about your design intent or what are you trying to accomplished with spline sketch. But if you just want an adaptive spline sketch as part in assembly, i might have trick to do that by creating 3D Model>Modify>Copy Object as composite and associative (as shown on the picture) I'm using InvPro 2018. As far as i know, in this case there is no way to simulate adaptive spline in Inventor Dynamic Simulation, it might work in inventor studio. If you need more solution, you can visit Autodesk Community Inventor forum, there are lots of Inventor expert up there. I hope this usefull.

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