Dynamic simulation in Autodesk Inventor

I'm looking for people who use dynamic simulation in Autodesk Inventor.
I'm looking examples for standard dynamics simulations.

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Hello Jirizhk,

I'm using simulation i Inventor.
You can find some samples on internet where simulation is used, but to be able to use that information on your model you need to fin a sample that are similar to our model, so in order to get something useful out of time spent on simulation you need to understand joints, and the best way to learn that is to bye a book called " Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014: Part 2 - Dynamic Simulation " you find it on Amazon.
There is several examples you can download from the author's web page. (http://vrblog.info)
I tried for years to self educate my self to learn simulations, i managed to do some thing but ended up spending hour after hour and ended up with no good results, but after going through the book I understood what and why I was doing things. I also depends on the complexity of your simulation.

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