Add tolerance in spaceclaim

Hi, I'm a 3d printer hobbyist and I have always the same problem.

When I design two assembled pieces in spaceclaim and then print them, they never fit properly, it's normal.

But is there a way to adding 1mm of tolerance "automatically" to each pieces ?
In fact I even dont know how to add a "normal" tolerance between parts...

Thank's a lot

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Hi dedlefou,
adding tolerances are mainly manufacturing constraints for workshops, the 3D printer software would not understand it. You have to think from the start which pieces will have to fit in others and how much tolerance you want between them.
Other way is once your parts are designed, you can see where 2 parts should be playing with each other and make a small change in one of them to have the final print work out.
Or you can modify the parts once printed.

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