Adding custom property based on model's sketch

I want to add a custom property which adds the total length of a 3d sketch in the custom property. Is this possible or will I just have to measure it?

2 Answers

Can you show as what you mean?
If you want to add length in a certain 3D you can try the Move Face function.
If its applicable in your drawing.

Depending on which dimension you are referring to this can be done but its dependent on how your draw the 3d sketch. in either case you name your dimensions then create a custom property looking at the dimension(s) for example you name your dimension Length in 3d sketch1 so you would create a custom property "Length" and set the expression to "Length@3dSketch1@part1.sldprt" this reads the value of the dimension. This is straight forward for single line segments but not compound lines/paths in those cases I recommend you create this this geometry using a style spline so when you attach a dimension to it you will get the length of all tis segments. see attached files.