Linking Custom SolidWorks Properties to Sketch Text

A new feature that I recently noticed in Solidworks 2011 (perhaps had been there before but I had never noticed) is the ability to link sketch text to custom properties that you define. However, a short coming that I found was in linking sketch text to properties that were links to a feature dimension. In this case, I had no control over the significant digits used to display the text (I need to show 8.9 for example, but would always get 8.85 in the sketch text even if the property evaluated to 8.9).

Does anyone know how to overcome this limitation?

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2 Answers

Hmm I tried testing this on my machine which has 2010, I Created a dimension (8.85) then entered a new custom property and linked it to that value. Then I inserted some sketch text and linked it to my custom property instead of showing me the actual value it showed me the link to the value... Baffles me, Have a look for yourself..

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If you add quotes around the link it will show up properly in the sketch, I have not yet found how to control the significant digits of a number.

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