Affordable 3D CAD Software

I'm looking for affordable cad software for my hobby. I don't want to pay yearly fees or have a subscription. I only use the software a dozen times or so a year at home (much more intense though at work). So much over $100.00 I have to be pretty well sold on. I want 3D modeling software that operates and feels like AutoCAD, Cad Key or Solid Works, can draw precisely, extrude, blend, fillet, add, subtract, etc.. I would even be up for older versions that may be a bit klunky and don't have all the new bells and whistles.

Any ideas?

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7 Answers could give FreeCAD a try. Open GL License, lively community and for hobby-applications ideal...

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You can use Onshape site for your hobby. It has all the major feature same as other advance CAD software. Also it will give you cloud storage.
If you want to own the software, you can opt for Creo, Solidworks, Solidedge which are bit costly but it will give flexibility as well as the other advance features.

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I had found 123D Design and was working with it when my son recommended Fusion 360'. He had a copy and let me take a quick look. Has the feel of 123D but more features. I downloaded it and have used it a bit. I like the feel and believe this will be my final choice.

Thanks for all the input!

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I may give FreeCAD a chance, looks interesting.

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I've never used it but Onshape gets mentioned a lot. It can be free, but it is also cloud based, so see if it would work for you.

Sometimes on ebay you'll find computers being sold with the software still loaded. I'm pretty sure a license can't be transferred in such a sale, but check it out as an option:

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Take a look at Autodesk's Fusion 360.

"How much will it cost?
For commercial users (if you’ll make money from your designs) we’re planning to make Fusion 360 available at 3 levels, depending on how long you want access:

Annual Commitment $300 ($25/month)
Quarterly Commitment $115 (~$38/month)
Monthly Commitment $40/month

We’re also planning to provide Fusion 360 for free to:

Students (those enrolled at school)
Enthusiasts (people using Fusion for personal enjoyment, rather than commercial endeavors)"

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