ansys is useful for me?

I am good in 3d modelling with solidworks,catia ,i want to relocate in any europe country ,i want to learn ansys,is that helpful for me?

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solidworks comes with simulation n flow simulation,, these are awesome, you can create bending moment/shear force diagrams, von mises stress plots, strain plots, heat transfer stuff, flow visualization etc!

i make tutorials for it too, so far no need for ansys or comsol found,, rest is up to you,, knowledge never goes wasted! :)

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Simply, if you want to work within an FEA role then yes! Ansys is CAD system independent so can be used to analyse models from all packages.

It is also significantly more powerful than any of the tools built into the CAD packages.

Dessault, PTC, Autodesk etc are produces of CAD software with FEA add-ons. Ansys is pure FEA

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Ansys is a really great and powerful finite element analysis software. If thats what you're looking for then no matter what other software you've been using, you need to try it.
All the best

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