Anyone experience with Python based CadQuery PlugIn for FreeCAD?

Hi, is there anyone how has tried the CadQuery PlugIn for FreeCAD? It is similar to OpenScad where you can build fully parametric models. The difference is the scripting language,. CadQuery uses python for scripting. I would like to know how complex/advanced you can go with CadQuery? And any other experiences...thanks

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Full disclosure - I'm a CadQuery contributor. I thought I would throw an answer out there since there hasn't been one yet.

If you install the CadQuery module for FreeCAD there's an Examples submenu that will give you an idea of what's possible. The source code for the examples can be seen here:

The examples get more complex as you go towards the bottom of the list.

Here are a few video tutorials on CadQuery:

If you want any help from the community or want to ask what's possible, please feel free to ask on our Google Group:!forum/cadquery

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