Appearances added to face doesnt show up in assembly mode when rendering

Here's the problem: When i try to add different appearances to details then they do not appear in render preview or either final render. I try to add appearance first on body level and then on face level. It is the case in assembly mode by the way. In part mode the appearances show up just fine when rendering?

Is there anything i do wrong or it might be some kind of glitch. I am using version SP 0.0.

Thank you!

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Are you using 2010 SolidWorks by any chance? I found it to be full of bugs especially in term of appearances and rendering, consider upgrading to a higher SP.

From the information you provided I'd say you have appearances at component level, kind of assembly level.
At the Feature Manager click on the double arrow on its top right corner, you should see two triangles forming a square next to the part under Appearances column if I'm correct, left click on them and Remove All Components Appearances from ..., This should solve your problem.

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(In SOLID WORKS 2012) At the Feature Manager click on the double arrow on its top right corner.
first row is the top assembly and there you should see the dominant color that you don't want. mouse right button click and pick "click all top level overrides" to see the original color of all parts.

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Dear shaul oren

thanks for your answer

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