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Problem when rotating a model in assembly mode?

By Alex on 21 Mar 15:25 3 answers 0 comments

Have a question if some one cnows if is it somwhere in the setings i kan chenge so i kan se a ful model when i rotate it her what hapens when i rotate it....

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3 answers

  • maarten weidema
    maarten weidema over 4 years ago

    thats strange. Well, change your Display style into "Shaded with edges".
    Does this error occur then aswell?

  • Alex
    Alex over 4 years ago

    there is no problem in Shaded with edgs :( this realy anoing me will try to disable SLI maby it helps.

  • Alex Standiford
    Alex Standiford over 2 years ago

    It is most likely video card related. If you go to tools>>>options, under performance, is use software open GL grayed out? If not, tick the chceckbox to activate it and click OK.

    If it is grayed out, you'll probably have to tell the software to use the open GL option directly in your video card settings.

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