Are there any CAD softwares that use hand gestures?

4 Answers

It is not realistic to detail design using gesture only, however many CAD software that works on iPad can use some kind of hand gesture as input.
May be in the near future there will be realistic Gesture input using the Camera or other means.

There are several "3D mice" that aim to solve this "problem".
I've tried them, but never found them to be useful.
Keyboard and mouse are the primary tools to use the computer, if a new tool (i.e. 3D mouse, glove, vr headset) is added, then the user spends much of their time changing between the different tools.

Siemens NX implemented some of this in NX10, though I don't know how I'd feel after holding my arms up all day to touch screens and make gestures. Might make CAD work feasible with a touchscreen interface though.

I'm set in my ways at this point with a keyboard, mouse and spacecontroller.

3d modeling, maybe. CAD? hell no. in CAD, you need precision and accuracy, neither of which you get with hand gestures. please do not try to CAD something with hand gestures, its about as bad as CADing with openScad