Array over a curve

Hi i have a problem, i need to put a ring over a curve that is not on a flat plane but i don't know how to do it and it's driving me crazy...thank you very much for your help

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Not perfect but one way to work around.
Im not sure why it doesnt like 3 dimensional curves, I am sure i have done something similar in the past.
Hope this helps

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Repetition driven by a 3d curve?
Only if this curve 3d is on a regular surface like a cylinder, a sphere. It seems that the change of direction (several shots) in 3d is not supported.
I remembered a baseball !

Français: Répétition pilotée par une courbe 3d ?
Seulement si cette courbe 3d est sur une surface régulière comme un cylindre, une sphère. Il semble que le changement de direction (plusieurs plans) en 3d n'est pas pris en charge.
Je me suis rappelé d'une balle de baseball

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i think you sketch the curve wrong !

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