Assembly error!!!!

hi every one. Today while doing assembly I just rename some parts in catia and I saved that file. But when I reopened the assembly file some parts ( which I renamed in catia during assembly) got missing and some window was coming showing some error. But I don't understand why it happening??? Can any one help me out in this????

Suppose I made one catia model and saved it in desktop as "aaaa". and if while doing assembly if I renamed the same part as "bbbb" and saved the assembly file. and if I reopened the assembly file part which I renamed is not showing.. I hope you all understood this. pls help me out in this.

thanks in advance

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ALWAYS use SAVE MANAGEMENT to save/rename/move CATIA parts and sub-assemblies when working with Assemblies and Links!

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The assembly is looking for the part "bbbb" and all that it finds is "aaaa". You would need to rename the part saved as "aaaa" to "bbbb" in order for the assembly to open the proper part. The names in the assembly must match the actual part files that it is made from.

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