assembly mates in motion study


i have an assembly consisting of assemblies which has about two dozen movable mates. So my problem is when I try to make a motion simulation, it is first of all extremly slow when I change the assemly and secondly, to the motionstudy no further moving step is addible, so when i try to add the next movement, my pc starts to calculate and never stops, till I stop it.
If relevant, my pc`s specs are: dualcore i5, 4GB Ram and a geforce 550GT with 1GB Vidmemory.
I hope someone can help me out here.

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I think that part of the problem is your lack of memory. With SolidWorks you need at a minimum of 8GB RAM. And then check and see how much virtual memory that you are using. I hope this helps you.

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Try changing the analysis settings & reduce the number of iteration. this can help you but will roughen the animation.

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