Motion study and larger assembly poor performance

I am having slow performance problems when working with larger assemblies and motion study. Specifically when trying to do motion study for a valvetrain of an engine. Using contact points, springs and motors. Takes loads of time just to calculate. I'm not sure if it's the way i'm setting up each component, or just my system or settings. Also just maneuvering a large assembly is extremely slow.

System specs:
OS: Windows 7 pro x64
CPU: intel Q8200 2.33 ghz quad core
RAM: 6 Gb
Graphics: Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 512mb

My system monitors never show that they are being pushed very hard, as if they're being limited. Maybe i'm just over estimating my system capabilities.

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Sometime contact surface takes very large amount of memory. In that case defining individual contacts rather than all in one yields good result. I will prefer you to define different contacts rather than all in one. :)

Rube Goldberg Machine animation was taking more than 30 minutes on all in one contact, But when i defined different features for contact than it took only 10 minutes in Analysis.

Good luck.

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