AutoDesk Alias tutorials?

I just downloaded Alias and now I know that is the main software I want to use I have been to the Auto desk forums for Alias if any one has any useful info for me to start reading or know any good books and tutorials I can do, it would be appreciated.

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Agreed. Alias is used by designers. Its what I was taught in school. The engineers I work with use Catia. Alias is a very useful tool. If you have any questions let me know. I have some tutorials I'll have to dig up.(on my desktop that's in storage till next weekend) Unfortunately there isn't much out there.


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hey all.i work with alias and the best tutorial for alias is the
autodesk site
u can find everything about alias there.

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Depends what type of modeling you are trying to do. Alias is Surface based modeling is the best softer for the job. If you want product related complex surfaces then you go with alias. First of all you download the Autodesk 12 lesson guide to get the basics. For class A surface quality there is really hard to find anything. this guy has some good tutorials
This guy teaches Class A for automotive field but hes a money grabbing cunt LOL

Heres his class A Audi tutorial but he doesnt really teach class A because he is a money grabbing cunt

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Alias is more of a designer software for products rather than a pure engineering cad program. Are you sure this is the main software to use?

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