Best software to model a car and how to start off

Was wondering what is the best CAD software to model a car body with a lot of detail and can you use sketchup to do it. Also where do you begin? How does someone get all the complex curves and shapes into the software to even begin? Thanks.

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Aha, When there is Question for a good Software to design CAR or Whatever the things is to define more Complicated.

Because If I am Expert in Pro-e than Pro-e is best software for me and so-on.

Like the same thing I wish to tell, First Figure out which software you have good Experience and Feeling good while working on it.

Many CAD software's is Available Here on Market but I Prefer "Solid works"(Especially surface modelling for CAR's) for Beginner is Good.

As well as you able to Design/Model the Car in Sketch up too.

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most used in automotive industry is
ICEM SURF for class a surfaces.

best regards

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all CAD software is very good, it all depends on the skills, knowledge, imagination of a designer, I agree with Sourbh & KFZ-Schule, 3D software and rendering software, no composition, respectively, as needed, as well as all in one.,
using 3D software like NX, Soldworks, PTC, 3dmax ..... all software.
use as KeyShot rendering software, Lumion, V-ray .... all software.
Using software like Cinema4D Animation, After effects, 3D Software and Render can also ..

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