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I am Passionate About designing, The Best thing i like is Working And Playing with CAD & CAM software's.Well-educated Mechanical Engineer specialized in Automobile/Robotics Assembly and part's Design. and having Sharp Knowledge in CAD, CAM, CAE . Experienced on Writing codes/Program for CNC mill & Lathe, and also Very well know to use CAM/Del-cam, Master-cam software's, Mould Design/Press tool Design . Developing new Things through Innovation for Machine part's and Producing its Final Assembly for Manufacturing. "(WHH)-Part Time" Any of my work found here may be used freely for advertising, Tutorials & personal home use. I do reserve all other rights, and If you Use it for any profitable work than kindly Inform me and you must Acknowledge my efforts by name ©.


work experience

FreeLance CAD/CAM solutions October 2010 - January 2014

Recently started to work as a free lancer(Part Time Only) ,Nice to Provide my works to Client's.

I-Work corp. Assistant developer January 2014 -

There are so many ways to use the Micro Technology to keep clean & Green the world. I mean, Better to walk by foot than to use Luxury vehicle's. Save Environment, Secure Future for our next generation. **Designing and building the circuit's (©Senso-Tronics inspirational work) which helps to reduce the pollution and serve to save the environment.



Tools Room-India Mould and Die design/Manufacturing. 2008 - 2012

Tools and Die Maker by trade.

Higher Engg. Bachelor of Technology , Mechanical Engineering 2012 - 2015



Workstation specs: Pentium 4, 3.1GHz,80 GB hard disk, 1 GB of RAM,without any Graphics Card, Philips Sound-bar. 14" CRT Monitor and Lovely Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse. And now its enough to do work with.!! Recently Assembled two Workstation into one mega with optimized rendering and modelling capabilities. 12/2/2014-Got New i5 with 4GB of RAM,2GB of NVIDIA and 1TB of Hard Drive.
Honors and awards: ♫♪♩♬♪♫♫♪♩♬♪♫♫♪♩♬♪♫ Secrets ♫♪♩♬♪♫♫♪♩♬♪♫♫♪♩♬♪♫
Interests: Designing/Modelling Stuff & Research, Coding and Sketching.!! Sorry I didn't shared any of my Special project(Clients work & My professional work) here in Grab-cad.

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