can anyone send some interesting projects to draft in AutoCAD? my mail id is

some simple and interesting projects..... pls help

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it is originally for modeling, but maybe it will help

I too have been waiting a while for a new challenge, and so I propose we use this thread to create a new challenge. Not one for money or awards, but one simply for practice, fun, and the generation of new and novel ideas and concepts. So...
Design a shelter that can be carried by an AMI MI-26 Helicopter. Must be able to house 2 people for a single week, have solar panels, and be able to connect to a water spigot. I present this challenge as a way to generate ideas for disaster relief. Send me the CAD files at . I will announce the winners after 4 weeks, or after 10 people have submitted. Please, share this answer. We nee something to do!