can anyone show me how to create sheet metal part that can be flattened from this part of picture?

this part use to make bolted tank, 3d model in attachment

Accepted answer

This part requires stretching / compressing material to make the bend. There are numerous ways to make the part. Unfortunately none of the ways include just a simple bend. So a finished flat layout really can’t be determined until the die is made and tried out. The flat layout certainly cannot be determined automatically by your CAD software. You must first determine how the part will be formed. Design and make the die. Then make your best guess for a flat layout and try it out. The final flat layout will likely be a trial and error process on the actual die. The complexity of that process is largely dependent upon how accurate the final part must be.

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How you would go about getting around this problem would depend on how many of these parts you are required to make. For it to be worth making a die to produce these parts would only be worth the bother if you are making large quantities of this part. The first thing to look at would be possibly redesigning this part so that not only can you model it with standard sheet metal modeling tools but you then would be able to manufacture with standard tooling, that is press-brake, guillotine and laser cut flat pattern produced from the flat pattern produced from the modeled part. If the kinked end is required for functionality this can be made as a separate piece and welded to the main pressed part