Can I balloon a sub assy for BOM instead of the sub's parts?

I have a BOM, indented, with flat numbering. There are a couple sub assemlies in the Assembly that should be referenced in the BOM as 1 piece, or 1 item number. I have made all of the Sub Assemblie's parts "Excluded from BOM" so they dont show up in the list, and only the sub assy's name and balloon number show up in the list. My problem is adding the balloon to the sub assembly in the graphic area. When I try to add the balloon it only wants to reference the parts of the sub, and numbers them with an asterisk.

What am I doing wrong?

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2 Answers

You want to go to the sub-assembly's Configuration Properties >Bill of Materials Options>Child component display when used as a sub-assembly: "Hide". That is the same as the old setting to treat assembly as a part in BoMs.

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One configuration can have only one BOM and baloons refer to this BOM.
You can make few configurations and few BOM-s and then make baloons refer to different BOM.

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