I have completed fundamental of Part design, assembly design, Drafting, Wireframe and surface design, Freestyle, Generative sheet metal design and DMU kinematics workbenches in CATIA. Whats next?

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hello friends,
my client was send some iges file to create solid. i try to fix that problem on catia v5. but i cant create solid. because major problem is surface gap is there. but i cant find out surface gaps.
And also i try to fix this problem on transmagic software but it cant rectified. what can i do now friends... can you any one help me guys please....

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Hi Shaikh,

The courses you have attended already seem to give you a good wealth of knowledge for mechanical design. However for inspiration in other areas, please have a look at our training website:

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I think you have to concentrate on GD&T.
You must have GD&T knowledge in Design Engineering field at least basics.

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Did you try shape design in surface?? and just try structure design which works same as weldments in solidworks (eg. car chasis, truss, etc..,)
try molds also if you are interested in plastic modeling.

upvote if you got something usefull. if not questions are invited.. good day :)

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practice. lots of practice, to apply what you learned

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the surfaces(two) highlighted in saffron you need to modify them as they are overlapping with other surfaces. because only this two surfaces having the problem to merge or heal. once you do that you get solid body first to healing then joining then part design then close surface command

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You learnt lot! do practice and practice....

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