I need information or tutorials about catia smarteam or catia plm express. I found many documents in the internet that product life cycle management is very important, but i didn't found how it work on catia.

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Hi, I hope you soon find all the help you need.
I used the Catia Smartteam for several years and as everyone who has had to use it knows its a disaster as a program.
The English used is often incorrect and ambiguous which leads to confusion.
Its like dancing a complicated Walz through a mine field, make one false step and and your in deep trouble.
Unfortunatly we Catia engineer users have little say about how and what functions such programms need. I was told it written it India by non Catia user Programmers.

Best thing is to find yourself a compitent and experienced teacher or user and learn all the prose and cons of the system from them.

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