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change view

By crystal borbon on 24 Aug 03:10 1 answer 0 comments

hi guys, how to change the ucs according to view?

as shown in the file..left view should be in xy plane, but it shows yz plane.

please advise..


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  • Riolito Paildelan
    Riolito Paildelan about 1 year ago

    Hi crystal borbon,

    I made a screencast to show some knowledge regarding the USC planes in Autocad.

    See link below to view it on your screen. You may view it in full screen if you want.


    Don't forget to "upvote" below the comment if this aided what you are aiming for and don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

    If you got any other questions or anything, just submit an entry on the link below. Thanks!

    Riolito Paildelan


    Switching UCS Planes in AutoCAD.webm, 10.2 MB

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