Coil suspension Spring

I am looking for someone that can design a coil suspension spring for manufacturing. Is there a way to get that done here?

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As long as you have a specification regarding the requirements for the spring in service this is not a complex job. The first step is for you to learn and understand the basic theory of how a coil spring works. Any one wanting to be a professional in the engineering field should have a basic text book library that can provide the theoretical background for common mechanical engineering components, such as gears, belt drives, clutches.springs, bearings shafts, beams columns, flywheels and all the other basic building blocks of all machines. If you have a basic mechanical components text book it should cover the design of springs. With a good text available you should find designing a suitable coil spring not that complicated and if you are an engineer a useful thing to know how to do. If you are a hobbyist having a go at learning how to do this would be a good thing to attempt. Myself, and I am certain others on this website would only be happy to assist you. Start off by learning the basic theory behind coil springs, books and the Internet should get you started, then see if you can come up with a basic specification for the spring you require. Modern 3D cad programs often have a design wizard as part of the program but to make good use of these you need to understand the basic coil spring theory.

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I have attached an image showing the data required to design a coil spring. It is in those modern ISO S.I units rather than those old Victorian British Industrial Revolution units still used in your part of the world, but the principle the same.

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