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construct prosthesis

By Frederik Vollbrecht on 18 Jun 08:52 3 answers 3 comments

Hi folks,

I would like to know how prostheses constructed.
I want to apply to a company which manufactures many types of prostheses.
Which templates are used for this? (3d-scans, X-ray images, pictures etc.)



3 answers

  • 46a01e21
    46a01e21 over 4 years ago

    This might help? Maybe not, I have never made one or worked for any company making them.

  • Travis Petersen
    Travis Petersen about 1 year ago

    I am a prosthetist and have fabricated prosthetic devices for 8 years. what kind of fabrication procedures are you interested in? Are you just looking for a general breakdown of what it is all about?

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