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Convert a Part

By Leigh Falls on 10 Dec 14:37 3 answers 0 comments


My supplier sent me a model of a part in solidworks. i currently use Sw2010 but this part must have been made in a more modern version.

was hoping some kind sould could open this part save it as a stp file and ping it back to me please if it isnt too much hassle? or i am open to other solutions!

note i have no need to amend the part

thanks in advance


614015PBWCA (2).zip, 3.95 MB

3 answers

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG almost 2 years ago

    Your supplier only sent the assembly file, and it can not be opened properly without the supporting part files.
    The file was last saved in SW 2014. I've attached a screenshot, but can't create a Step file without the separate part and sub-assembly files.

  • Leigh Falls
    Leigh Falls almost 2 years ago

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for your help, your image is the correct part. Il get back to my supplier to see what they can come up with


  • CADMAN Challenge
    CADMAN Challenge almost 2 years ago

    you need a step file if going from newer version to older version of solidworks. also if you get an assembly without part files you cant do anything.

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