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My supplier sent me a model of a part in solidworks. i currently use Sw2010 but this part must have been made in a more modern version.

was hoping some kind sould could open this part save it as a stp file and ping it back to me please if it isnt too much hassle? or i am open to other solutions!

note i have no need to amend the part

thanks in advance

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3 Answers

Your supplier only sent the assembly file, and it can not be opened properly without the supporting part files.
The file was last saved in SW 2014. I've attached a screenshot, but can't create a Step file without the separate part and sub-assembly files.

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Hi Fred,

Thanks for your help, your image is the correct part. Il get back to my supplier to see what they can come up with


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you need a step file if going from newer version to older version of solidworks. also if you get an assembly without part files you cant do anything.

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