Convert .ipt into an other format please.


Can someone help me to convert this .ipt into blender compatible format (.obj, .fbx, .3ds) please? I tried with several software and online converter without success.

Your help is much appreciated!


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You can convert it to an .obj file straight through Inventor. File>Export>CAD Format>And the choose your .obj file type through the file drop down menu

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Hi Jeff,

.ipt extension is used by Autodesk Inventor. Since, both products are from Autodesk, so, inter-compatibility b/w different softwares may be supported. You can simply import parts and objects into 3Ds Max.

3Ds Max: Menu > Import > Select File to Import dialog > Files of type > Autodesk Inventor (*.IPT, *.IAM)

Sometimes, drag and drop is not possible due to certain limitaions, I guess you tried drag & drop method.

Additionally, there are basic formats like: .step,.g,etc. that almost all 3D/CAD software supports. Parts opened in non-proprietary software may be incorrect or incomplete. Sometimes, problems occur when part/object/etc. created in newer versions are opened in older versions.

NOTE: Converting files into other formats may (sometimes) cause losses and deviations from original data. Please be aware of this and check that converted files are acceptable or not.

I'm happier if this helped you. :)

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Your help is much appreciated guys! :)

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