convert Pro/E to CATIA

Hi .. I am in really desperate need. I have to convert some files made on Pro/E to CATIA. Can anyone pleeeeeeeeeeeease help me out.

Please help me ... :)

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Hi Abdullah!
If you need to export files from one software to another use the STEP format.
If you want to use these file in CATIA, export them as a STEP from ProE and then import them into CATIA.
And there's another option can directly import ProE files into CATIA.
Just change the file extension from .STP to ProE extensions.

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@ abdullah

in converting files from one CAD-System to could just oriented on the picture in the annex.

Cheers Bernd

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Hi Abdullah,

you can use a testversion of CrossManager Converter to do so. How many files do you have to convert?


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