Converting mesh imported into SW into a surface

I have a keyboard frame and require an editable solid, currently the imported mesh is useless for use and I cannot find a solution. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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what was the original file type? There is nothing you can do with the mesh1 feature. It wouldnt be too hard to replicate it, but currently its only a "graphic" in the screen. If the original file was an .stl file you can select "Options" from the open dialog and make sure you import as a "Solid Body" and not a graphics body. You can also go to Tools>Add-ins and turn on "ScanTo3D" and have some options to work with a mesh. Once you turn on ScanTo3D you can right-click on your mesh1 and enter the meshPrep wizard. For a part this simple i would suggest trying to open it as a Solid depending on the original file type.

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