Convert STL Mesh to STEP

I’m having a problem with a current project I’m working on. Trying to convert an STL file into a STEP file, but with no avail. Currently I’m using TopSolid and STEP file’s are the best way to import my projects, because of the clean lines and smooth faces they get imported in.

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Accepted answer

Importing and saving the model as a different file format will do nothing to remove the unwanted facets.
Two options exist:
- Remodel the part while using the STL file as a guide for the shape and dimensions.
- Use software like Design-X to convert the mesh to a step file.

There are pros and cons to each method. The option selected is usually dictated by what the end file will be used for.
I've created two tutorials that cover the steps in the conversion process:
Convert STL (or OBJ) Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)
A SOLIDWORKS face mask with Surfacing
Start with those and ask questions if you get stuck.

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