Coordinates import error in Solidworks 2014

Hello community,

i am new in solidworks and in GrabCADand i would like to ask you for a help
I face a problem with an airfoil coordinates' import in solidworks.
I have an excel file with coordinates (see the attached file) and i import it like txt file as proper from xyz curve tab.

The problem is that Soidworks doesn't proceed in my sketch and when i am going in insert the "Select one row at a time" error appears. When i click ok the " The 3D spline curve is self-intersecting" error appears (see word attached file)
Any idea how can i over-trough this situation?

Thank you

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Odd. It actually works really well here... Check your Z column. I'm not sure if all the numbers need to be in a straight vertical column or not, but I noticed in the text file that some of the Z column 0's did not line up with the Z column. They were still tabbed away from the Y column once, but I added an extra tab to about a dozen of them to get better alignment.

Also, attached some files. Maybe you can skip the data point step and just import the curve?
Or, check out my text file to see how the Z column looks.

I think you need a third column.
You have X, Y points, but add a third column of Z points. They'd all be 0's
SolidWorks expects three columns for the import data (I'd normally import from a text file), without it, you might be getting an error.

I did get that weird "select on row" error. I just selected row 1, pressed OK, and it generated the curve. Of course, I added a third column for the Z coordinate first.

One other idea:
How are you trying to generate the curve?
I'd use Curve Through XYZ Points

I think you could also import the table as Sketch Points, then try to place a curve through them, but that is two steps. Try the Curve option if you have not done so yet.

Insert - Curve - Curve Through XYZ Points...

Once again, i tried to follow your instructions for another airfoil. New coordinates etc., in case that something was bad with these in my laptop format (excel, solidworks version etc.) but "at least two adjacent points are identical or too close" error appears.

Can you check if you can draw the new airfoil in your pc?


The result looks like a single line, but it seems to import fine.
I had to change all of the commas with decimal points, but that might not matter if your system is setup to recognize commas.

Two files are attached. The solidworks file is 2017