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Creating a surface model in Solidworks from ''FARO scene''

By ken vogel on 28 Feb 13:14 3 answers 0 comments

Hi there,

Can someone please help me with my question!
I can't import a 3d scan from Faro scene to solidworks, i want to take the points from the scan to solidworks and convert them to surfaces. I need to calculate the volume of the inside of a tank.


3 answers

  • Neomek
    Neomek over 2 years ago

    I suggest using Geomagic software for this. It allows you to calculate scan data volume and create surfaces from scan data. If you need help, we provide scan data processing and reverse engineering services at Neomek.

  • RAFFIN Lionel
    RAFFIN Lionel over 2 years ago

    I can suggest you to test our plug-in software in SolidWorks called Tomorama witch is able to integrate sections and plans from billions of 3D points directly into the FeatureManager Design Tree of SolidWorks.
    It's working today with the most popular software in 3D points clouds processing : Faro SCENE and PointCab.
    We will be very proud if you can test our software and give us some feedback.
    Here the link :

  • lucca rana
    lucca rana over 1 year ago

    Hello guys!
    Can some one send me a 3d scan (3d points) so i can try to import this on solidworks?

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