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Creo or Solidworks?

By Hrachya Grigoryan on 07 May 16:35 10 answers 557 views 1 comment

Hi, I have passed corses of CAD and Advanced CAD, and now I know two softwares: Solidworks and Creo Parametric.

I wanted to know which one is mostly used in industry and is it OK to work with ONE software as a freelancer(it is always useful to master in one, yeah?)??

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  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 3 months ago

    Solidworks is definitely much better than creo. Having knowledge of both of course is always helpful. As for industry use, Solidworks is becoming more widely used than creo because creo is too expensive and is more cumbersome when it comes to doing simple modeling. Solidworks also has better FEA and dynamic simulation capabilities than creo does.

  • Hans Bos
    Hans Bos 3 months ago

    If you're considering which CAD system to use, it depends on the application. If you're doing 'top down' design, such as in an automotive company CREO (Pro-E) is superior. It is stable. On the other hand if you work for a small company and the model files are relatively small SW is fine. SW is not great for large assemblies.

  • ayhan göksu
    ayhan göksu 3 months ago

    hi Hrachya,
    SW will solve your problems in your design process within LIMITS. You can not work with large assemblies, you can not design high quality surfaces, you can not manage your design in a Disciplinedly. Other hand Creo Parametric (or its Old Name is Pro Engineer) is the first parametric featured based CAD design program in the world also it's doing this very well.

    My recommendation will be to do some more research for you about Creo Parametric, specially Creo Parametric 4.0.
    Thank you.

  • I.Rajkumar
    I.Rajkumar 3 months ago

    Hi Hrachya Grigoryan
    I feel both a softwares are very useful and user friendly softwares, but initial stage proe is some what difficult on same time solidworks is very simple on in initial stage users

    the simulation purpose the solidworks is very simple on but my area of die casting CREO is very useful
    Thank you

  • Cristel
    Cristel 3 months ago

    You people who like SW what experience have you in Creo?SW better is the biggest bullshit i ever heard.

  • Saravana Prabhu
    Saravana Prabhu 3 months ago

    I have used Pro/E (Creo) for almost 14 years since 2000i version. Solid works for 3 years. I would say Solidworks is very flexible to work with. Making models and drawings are breeze.

    But Creo has it's own strength areas. I feel sketching, constraints in Creo is better. Associative section views is something Creo is very strong. I feel Creo is better suited for machine design with complex assemblies.

    Measuring in assembly/part mode in Creo is very reliable compared to solidworks.

    Even though creo is a difficult to handle in some areas. I personally feel Creo is a better tool to handle large assembly design than SolidWorks.

  • Paramvir Singh Chahal
    Paramvir Singh Chahal 3 months ago

    It was the Pro-E which first used parametric modeling in 1987, so Pro-E, now creo is very old player, and with bit steep learning curve if compared with SW, SW is very user friendly.

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