CREO pdf export OUTPUT problems

I have been using Creo 3.0 (M070) for the past 1 year. I usually encounter problems while exporting to pdf version from Creo. When i export my drawing to pdf through "Quick Export" option, the drawing views look ugly. The outline of the drawing view is too thick and due to that the outline of a view is unreadable.
The Situation is " Suppose if i have two square box on one over the other with a thickness of 1mm, the output of the pdf version is so dark that the 1mm thick is unable to find" .

PTC Community indicated to use hidden config option which is "intf_pdf_use_adaptive_linestyle to no". But i am finding difficult to create a new file in Creo and saving the same.

Can anyone help me " What is my actual problem?" . Will the above config,pro file help me find a solution?. If so, can anyone help me on how too create a new file?

I saw the videos in PTC Community on Creating file but that doesn't show clearly on How to add a new configuration?

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

1) fast you save your config file at any place. ( using the export file.)
2) all time you change any config file then you have export config file.

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