CSWP segment 3 assemblies preparation?

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Hi sohail khan

Here you have my answers for Sampe Exam 2. I hope it will help you.
I can do Sample Exam 1, but i need Piston.sldprt that you haven't uploaded(you have uploaded Piston.sldprt for Sample Exam 2). if you don't have that part, i can upload answers of first seven questions from Sample Exam 1.

Hii Nikola svilar can you make and upload a video it will be very helpful to me,the piston missing file is uploaded for CSWP seg 1 exam

Here you can find another my video, this time Sample Exam 1:

Here you can find my video showing preparation for CSWP segment 3(Sample exam 2):

if you have some questions feel free to contact me

any one have CSWP Segment-2 (Configuration) Practice Part Files ???? Please share.


Nikola; at somewhere minute 38. your dog is barking.
My little one have heard it and started barking. :)

Both sample exam 1 and sample exam 2 refer to a 'base B'. they are different parts, only the sample exam 2 part is listed above,

if somebody could source 'base B' from sample exam 1 that would be very helpful


bro also please upload video on seg 3 CSWP sample exam 1

Hey, these are my answer's to exam 1.
note: you have to use the later uploaded version of "piston.sldprt" to get that working and the Base_B is incorrect so you cant answer Q10.

Are these similar to what everyone else got?

Q1 - 565.87 g
Q2 - [X,Y,Z]=[5,9.76,-86.96]
Q3 - 54.47 g
Q4 - 94.24 g
Q5 - [X,Y,Z]=[5.02,15.78,-86.82]
Q6 - 40.34 degrees
Q7 - [X,Y,Z]=[4.12,30.11,-98.31]
Q8 - [x,y,z]=[105.79,146.03,84.3]
Q9 - Arm, Pivot, Housing, Arm_slot
Q10 - n/a