Designing FSAE chassis for Formula Student

What is the starting point in designing the chassis for formula student competition ?

1 Answer

Hi Shehara Perera, you need at least the specific measure regulations that sae provide you to start your concepts, I had work on the formula SAE 2 times here in Puerto Rico and the last one was the new Electrical Formula SAE,
you need a few steps before jumping into the design proccess
-first knowing the aproximate height of the person that is going to drive it.
-what is the wheelbase design that you want to aproach
-start from with a bottom layout or your software like the main sketch
-you need to know the components that you are going to use

it takes time but is a Journey that you are going to enjoy
you need to use a lot of planes and 3D Sketches in the chasis.
Hope that help you!