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Different methods result in different final shape.

By Vahid Mostofi on 11 May 09:08 3 answers 0 comments

I posted this drawing couple of days ago and people helped me with modeling that. However someone used another method which resulted in almost similar outcome, but if looked closely they are definitely not the same. I attached both Parts; you can check how they are different, both in final shapes and sketches.

Which one is the correct way according to the drawing?

Added images



Knob1.SLDPRT, 220 KB
knob2.SLDPRT, 252 KB

3 answers

  • Wilhelm Coetzer
    Wilhelm Coetzer over 2 years ago

    Glad it was of some use :).

    Yes, normally the different ways could give you the same result. What throws us in this example is the "23,9" dimension - which is actually rounded to one decimal. Then you will only get "close" if you use that.

    (You can't always figure out why there are differences...)

  • Vahid Mostofi
    Vahid Mostofi over 2 years ago

    Thanks Wilhelm, yes that is the exact way I was told about in my previous post.

    However we can make similar pattern with another sketch too,although there is slight change in final shape.( compare 1.JPG and 2.JPG)

    But I guess usually it is not the case and different methods results in the same result.

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