Digital head forms?

I’m searching for reliable 3D head forms with proper and standard dimensions for most common helmet sizes: A, C, E, J, M, O. Following the ECE, AINSI or ISO charts. It would be useful to have those available in different formats, like IGS, STL, STEP or other like SW or Rhino for instance.
Anyone who intends to work on a real and complete helmet project, in regards of ergonomic and safety regulation knows all the fitting and sizing issues you deal with when trying to transfer those data on a cad file.
Thanks for sharing.

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I think you can do that with z brush but if you want data that can be 100% accurate then you might want to use ct scan (*.dcm) files to build your model it can be simply dine using 3d slicer (free) or simpleware but the exported file are in stl you can get the ct files from osirix for free I my self have some head models but I don't know the helmet size if you want I can evaluate the dimensions of my models.

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