Digital Signature Software?

We have some project that required digital signature on the drawing.
Any one know if there are some third party add in software can added digital signature to Autocad (.dwg) and Inventor (.idw)?
is there some thing Autodesk has that can do this?

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I think that newer AutoCAD versions have a digital signature function. But, any software that signs binary files will do the job.

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If you're holding a hard copy of a drawing that's been signed off by the Chief Architect or Engineer, you can be fairly certain the drawing hasn't been modified since it was released. But if someone sends you an electronic version of the drawing file, how do you know if it's valid? Maybe it's been changed since it was last approved. Has it actually been approved? There's no easy way to lock down that drawing so no more changes can be made. Enter Digital Signatures!

AutoCAD Exchange App 'SmartSignSafety' let it easy to add handwriting digital signatue and stamp by using mouse to drawing.

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