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I have AutoCAD 2018 on my MacBook, but I am unable to download files from GrabCAD to make it easier to show my robot design for my robotics team. Please help quick, I need this design done before the new year. Thank you.

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So, from your screenshot I can see that firstly, downloads themselves are working fine, but you are trying to open Autodesk Inventor files (.ipt) in AutoCAD, but have "File Format" in the open dialog box selected to be .dwg (AutoCAD).

On your screenshot, in the bottom, there is a select box labelled "File Format". Change it so it says Autodesk Inventor (.ipt) or "Other"/"Any" (if possible – I don't use/have AutoCAD myself – but it should work this way). That should allow AutoCAD to open Inventor files.

This should work the same across all (native) applications on Mac (as long as the application supports the file format you are trying to open).

Refer to AutoCAD's documentation here about opening/importing Inventor files:

Alternatively, you can try uploading the files to GrabCAD Workbench (not necessary if you got them from there anyway) and using the "Download As" functionality and selecting AutoCAD as the format.

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Downloading should be working fine right now, and should work regardless of the operating system you are using. Just tested it on my Mac, and both Workbench and Community downloads worked for me.

To help you further, maybe you can answer the following questions:

Are you trying to download from GrabCAD Community or GrabCAD Workbench, or trying to download the Workbench Desktop application (which is, indeed, Windows only)?

If it is from Community, are all downloads not working, or some, or a single download?

If it is from Workbench, are you trying to download original files or download them converted to a different format ("Download as" functionality)?

Developer @ GrabCAD

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