Drawing and problem with the parts with different configurations

I have to make one single drawing out of the assembly of some parts, that each of them have different configurations. I need to use a Note to indicate the name of each part, but the problem will be that in the Note setting, you can hyperlink it only to the file name or material or description, but not the configurations, so I could not make a distinction between these parts in this drawing so far.

Is there a method to do so ?

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Try using balloons, set the balloon type to 'none' and the balloon text to 'file name'. You can also link in custom properties and a bunch of other things.

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Personally, but this is perhaps not the meaning of your question, when I would do a drawing for each configurations of the same coin, I keep the name of the piece and I highlight in my cartridge name the configuration for the manufacturer understands the difference room.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/drawing-and-problem-with-the-parts-with-different-configurations

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