Link of configuration property in drawing,Problem

Hello, i have a problem, that i cannot figure it out.
I have linked the drawing sheet whit my configuration part name, so when i make
a drawing of a specific part, the name of the configuration will appear in the drawing.
But now the in dosn't appear, only the configuration name of the assambly, and when i make a new sheet and insert a new part in this new drawing sheet it keeps the config name of the assambly not the config name of the part inserted in the current sheet. this is really frustrating, i have the same sheet on another computer and it works just fine. it seems that the drawing extracts the info from the assambly not the parts inserted. Thanks for you help.

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1 Answer

-click in new document.
-in the window click in advanced.
-select the right template.
if doesnt works then
-Try to open an old drawing (a copy)
-Erace all you dont want.
-then save it as .drwdot
also click in file menu, select save sheet format an save the sheet for future references.

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