How to make Worm Gear and its Dynamic Simulation or Animation in Autodesk Inventor?

In this tutorial, i will show you how to model Worm Drive and its dynamic simulation or animation using Autodesk Inventor 2012
Link to the original model is:
Worm Drive

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Great tutorial by the looks of things Muhammad and an Auto desk IV tutorial ***** x :)))))

and to make it even better a Dynamic Simulation this one I shall be trying when I get a little spare time to my self later thank you very much Dynamic Simulation for taking the time to post this one so wicked and very awesome.

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It worked but is it important to follow the order of the constraints as given? There were four constraints and not very intuitive as to why at first glance.

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It did not work for me.
The tutorial was very good but :
- the spikes of the solids were entering "into" each as the animation was running.
- this appears to be caused by the wrong constraint created by the wizard between the worm and the worm gear (Inventor 2013). Or I must have inverted the direction of rotation of the worm but I cannot understand how as I followed the tutorial...
Thanks anyway.

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