Engineers using MSC software, what is your impression?

Marc, Adams, Actran, etc

1 Answer

Good morning,

If you have the opportunity to use this software (MSC), don´t miss it. Unfortunately is improper to say MSC, because MSC include many software: ADAMS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, DYTRAN, and many others. So, every soft have their contribution. Depends very much about the company where you will learn to use it, if have specialized trainer (best case) or not (you will learn from other colleg). Every soft have a many possibility of study, is very complex. I work with ¨concurrency¨ (ANSYS) from some years and with every new version increased in complexity of study which can be made with one solve.

So, good luck and keep in touch, to tell as your impression after work some period with MSC (what soft from entire package, etc).

Best regards